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  1. was
  2. there was
  3. to be
  4. had been

Brown-Driver-Brigg's Definition Number 1961
1) to be, become, come to pass, exist, happen, fall out
1a) (Qal)
1a 1) - - -
1a 1a) to happen, fall out, occur, take place, come about, come to pass
1a 1b) to come about, come to pass
1a 2) to come into being, become
1a 2a) to arise, appear, come
1a 2b) to become
1a 2b 2) to become like
1a 2b 3) to be instituted, be established
1 a3) to be
1a 3a) to exist, be in existence
1a 3b) to abide, remain, continue (with word of place or time)
1a 3c) to stand, lie, be in, be at, be situated (with word of locality)
1a 3d) to accompany, be with

1b) (Niphal)
1b 1) to occur, come to pass, be done, be brought about
1b 2) to be done, be finished, be gone

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