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Brown-Driver-Brigg's Definition - #6440
Noun Masculine:

  1. face
  2. presence, person
  3. face (of seraphim or cherubim)
  4. face (of animals)
  5. face, surface (of ground)

Adverb of Location or Temperature

  1. before and behind
  2. toward, in front of, forward
  3. formerly, from beforetime
  4. before

With Preposition

  1. in front of
  2. before
  3. to the front of
  4. in the presence of
  5. in the face of
  6. at the face or front of
  7. from the presence of
  8. from before
  9. from before the face of

Strong's Condordance

Plural (but always used as a singular) of an unused noun (pa^neh, paw-neh'; from 6437) The face (as the part that turns); used in a great variety of applications (literally and figuratively);

- + accept,   a (be-) fore (-time),  against,   anger, X as (long as),  at, + battle,  + because (of),   + beseech,  countenance,  face,  edge,  + employ,  endure,  + enquire,  favour,  fear of,  for,  forefront (-part),  form (-er time, -ward),  from,  front,  heaviness,  X him (-self),  + honourable,  + impudent,   + in,  it,  look [-eth] (-s),  X me,  + meet,  X more than,  mouth,  of,  off,  (of) old (time),  X on,   open,  + out of,  over against,  the partial,  person,  + please,  presence,  prospect,   was purposed,  by reason,  of,  + regard,  right forth,  + serve,  X shewbread,  sight,  state,   straight,  + street,  X thee,  X them (-selves),  through (+ -out),   till,  time (-s) past,  (un-) to (-ward),  + upon,  upside (+ down),  with (-in, + stand),  X ye,  X you.

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