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Pronounced: va-vo-hoo

The prefix Vuv ו precedes the Hebrew word בהו The prefix is translated as "and".

A dagesh, a dot, placed inside a Hebrew letter modifies the sound.
The Hebrew letter Vet   ב   has no dagesh and is pronounced as a V.
Add the daghesh and the letter Bet     is pronounced as a B.


If translated as an adverb modifying the proceeding verb the alternative
translation "the earth was astonishingly empty" is reasonable. תהו to'-hoo used
adverbially, is translated as emptinesss or without form, preceeds בהו vo'-hoo.

  1. to go astray - become lost or mislaid.
  2. be bewildered - (adjective) perplexed and confused; very puzzled.
  3. astonishingly - (adverb) extremely surprisingly or impressively.
    used to express surprise at an event or situation.


  1. emptiness
  2. void
  3. waste

Brown-Driver-Brigg's Definition #0922
bo'-hoo   emptiness, void, waste
from an unused root (meaning to be empty)

Strongs Number H922 bohu   bo'-hoo
From an unused root (meaning to be empty);
a vacuity, that is, (superficially) an undistinguishable ruin


When Vohu or Bohu has the Hebrew prefix Vuv ו shown in green. The prefix ו is translated
as "and".

Va-vo-hoo translated as "and astonishingly" (adverb)
"Now the earth was astonishingly empty..."

Va-bo-hoo translated as "and void."
" And the earth was without form, and void..."

Examine Hebrew prefixes.

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