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2016-2017 NYC Tentative Assessment Roll with History of Changes

Current and historic assessment changes dating from 1981 to present. Changes include physical property and value changes. The five year history is used to calculate current and future assessments. Valuation changes include the following:

  • Equalization AV Changes Land & Building
  • Physical AV Increases & Decreases for Land & Building
  • Exemption Changes
  • Change By Notice & Final Changes
  • Current & Prior Full Market Values for Land & Total Property.
  • Remissions from the Tax Commissions, Settlements or Court Order.

Non-value changes resulting from an apportionment, demolition, new building, lot merger are recorded in the file.

Special Status codes indicate the total number of updates in the file for each parcel, a new lot, dropped lot, building in progress, pre 1983 protest, value reflected, abandoned and fire damaged properties, fully exempt class, transitional overide, and if there is an assessment limitation for the current and prior year.

Data is available on DVD or as a direct download from the WEB.
The data is in dbf format and a commercial database from IBM is used to display the information. Use of a commercial database allows the user to modify the database and how the data is viewed or reported. This is not always feasible in hard coded products. If you have existing software the data can be formated for import into your existing programs.

Location Data
  • Full Property Address,
  • Section & Volume Number
  • Community District Number,
  • Zip Code
  • Land area in square feet or acres
  • Lot dimensions frontage and depth,
  • Zoning districts,
  • Lot Type - corner or interior lot.
  • Building Classification Code,
  • Date Built,
  • Dates Altered,
  • Number of stories,
  • Gross Building Area,
  • Cubic content or gallons,
  • Number of apartments
  • Number of commercial units.
  • Total units

Examine screens and reports. (PDF file format.)

Includes IBM - Lotus Smartsuite 9.8.2*

Lotus Smartsuite
* Select option with Smartsuite when you purchase.

NYC Assessment Roll: Five Year History of Changes.
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NYC Assessment Roll: Full History of Changes
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