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Books & Periodicals

Battle Ground: Fact & Fantasy in Palestine

Cover - Battle Ground: Fact & Fantasy in Palestine

by Samuel Katz

A well written, informative, fast-paced and fully documented history of the turbulent events that have shaped the crisis in the Middle East.

  • Revised Edition - April 2002
  • Softcover
  • 322 Pages
  • Only $9.95 - Free Shipping in the USA.

Elope! And Other Advise For A Happy Marriage
An interesting book from a young bride.

The Exodus Case

Cover - The Exodus Case

by Dr. Lennart Moller

Is it really possible that the biblical texts from Abraham to Mount Sinai are authentic in the sense that the people actually existed, and the events described genuinely took place? Can ancient maps, satellite photographs, chemical analyses, underwater exploration and photography, together with old documents, bring any clarity to the issue?

In light of new discoveries perhaps it is time to take a fresh look at the Exodus.

  • Fourth Extended Edition
  • Hardcover
  • 450 Pages. 790 color illustrations.
  • Only $45.00 - Free Shipping in the USA.

The God of the Mountain

Cover - The God of the Mountain

by Penny Cox Caldwell

Numerous films have been produced and books written about the search for and rediscovery of the real Mt. Sinai in Midian. Unknown to the world, there was a concealed source of evidence, the Caldwell family. Penny Cox Caldwell and her family have been secretly investigating Mt. Sinai since 1991. The God of the Mountain- is the authentic story of their discoveries, and high-risk adventure.

  • Softcover
  • 429 Pages
  • Only $19.99 - Free Shipping in the USA.

Jebel Maqla - Mount Sinai?     Limited Supply

Cover - Jebel Maqla

by Jim & Penny Caldwell

Excellent instruction tool or for personal study. Booklet includes color photographs of Jebel Maqla, a/k/a Mount Sinai, the Split Rock at Horeb, and other biblical sites recorded in the book of Exodus/Shemoth. Altars, artifacts, inscriptions, petroglyphs, structural remains, wells and other evidence is presented in photographs together with possible scriptural matches.

  • Softcover
  • 55 Pages
  • Only $7.00

THE WRITING OF GOD: Secret of the Real Mount Sinai

by Miles R. Jones, PhD

Secret of the Real Mount Sinai Softcover $29.95 + Shipping

Hardcover $39.95 + shipping
338 Pages, multiple illustrations and full color photography.

The Writing of God presents proof of the seminal event of the TORAH, when God handed down to Moses the word and the "writing of God"(Exodus 32:16), known as the Sinai Covenant. The location of the real Mt. Sinai has been long debated. Scripture states it to be in Midian in Arabia where researchers have found stunning archaeological evidence of the events of the Exodus including inscriptions from the base of Mt. Sinai! The inscriptions reveal an incredible secret of the Bible: The "writing of God" written by "the finger of God" (Exodus 31:18) is the first alphabetic writing!

There has only been one alphabet in history from which all others are derived. The original alphabet appeared in the path of the Exodus at the time of the Exodus. Review the evidence taken from the latest linguistic and archaeological science revealing the importance of the alphabet and the importance of the TORAH as an historically accurate source.

Camping & Accessories

 Camper Rental Finger Lakes Region

Trailer Kitchen
  • New 2020 Camper
  • Queen size bed
  • Private sleeping area.
  • Full kitchen
  • Wi-Fi
  • USB charging ports
  • Air conditioned

Clothing & Accessories

 Embroidered T-Shirts

 Wearable Art: Handbags, Pocketbooks & More

Cover - Hand Bag
  • Clothing
  • Clutches
  • Costumes
  • Hats
  • Hand Bags
  • Jackets
  • Pocketbooks
  • Shawls

Harmony Wearable Art

Real Estate Offer and Acceptance Form:
Make an offer to purchase, lease or rent real estate with this form. Only $4.95. Keep a copy of this form with you or near you at all times. Always be ready to seize an investment opportunity the moment one arises.

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Real Estate Data

NYC Complete Assessment Roll with Historic Changes

Current and historic assessment changes dating from 1981 to present. Changes include physical property and value changes. Valuation changes include the following:

  • Equalization AV Changes Land & Building
  • Physical AV Increases & Decreases for Land & Building
  • Exemption Changes
  • Change By Notice & Final Changes
  • Current & Prior Full Market Values for Land & Total Property.
  • Remissions from the Tax Commissions, Settlements or Court Order.
  •

NYC Tax Commission Income and Expense Statements: 1995 to Present

The data is available on CD, DVD or as a direct download from the WEB. The purchaser has the option of many popular file formats. For those who do not have software programs to analyze the data several real estate analysis and valuation programs are available at no additional charge.

To enhance the value of the Income and expense information physical property characteristics are included.

  • Location - Address, Section and Volume, Community District, Zip Code and Geo-codes.
  • Land - Area in square feet or acres, lot dimensions, zoning districts, buildable FAR, corner or interior lot.
  • Improvements - Building Code, Date Built, Dates Altered, Number of stories, Gross Building Area and break out by use, Number of apartments or commercial units.
  •

Order Tax Commission Income and Expense Data


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Tax & Property Tax Services

The Investors Choice for Property Tax Services (Off Site)
Excellence in research and analysis to support your assessment appeal delivers exceptional financial results.

Our staff will examine your property tax records, verify public data, and provide written notification to appropriate assessment staff for necessary corrections. If necessary, an appeal of your assessment will be filed with the NYC Tax Commission and if required appeal to the Supreme Court will follow to obtain a fair and reasonable assessment for your property.

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