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ימי  השבוע

Days of Week
Hebrew days start at sunset and continue to the following sunset.

Full NameHebrewAbbreviatedTranslationCorresponding Day
Yom Rishonיום ראשון יום א׳שניDay 1Sunday
Yom Sheniיום שני יום ב׳Day 2Monday
Yom Shlishi יום שלישי יום ג׳Day 3Tuesday
Yom Revi'iיום רביעי יום ד׳Day 4Wednesday
Yom Chamishiיום חמישי יום ה׳Day 5Thursday
Yom Shishi יום ששי יום ו׳Day 6Friday
Yom Shabbat
יום שבת יום ש׳Shabbat is
the Sabbath.
Saturday (Day 7)
Day of rest.

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