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Hebrew Hyphen ( ־ )

Maqqeph a/k/a Maquf    ( ־ )
Hebrew Word:    םקף

A small horizontal stroke between the upper part of two words which so connects them that in respect of tone and pointing they are regarded as one, and therefore have only one accent. Two, three, or even four words may be connected in this way.

Certain monosyllabic prepositions and conjunctions, such as   אל־   to,   עד־   until,   על־   upon,   עם־   with,   אמ־   if, whether,   םן־   from,   and   פן־   lest,   are almost always found with a following Maqqeph, provided they have not become independent forms by being combined with prefixes, for example מעל and מעם in which case Maqqeph as a rule does not follow.

Source: Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar (1909)

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