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Double Prefix

ו  Vav-consecutive when prefixed to a verb changes the verbs tense or aspect.
Vav-consecutive is used primarily to denote consecutive actions as in a narrative.
ו  reverses future tense to past tense.

י Yod as a prefix designates the third person singular future tense. Tense reversed by ו.


  1. And he saw

Root Verb:   ראה  Pronounced raw-aw'.

  1. to see, literally or figuratively
  2. appear,
  3. approve,
  4. behold.
  5. consider or discern,
  6. gaze, stare, spy
  7. look upon, or on
  8. be near, perceive, present,
  9. sight of others
  10. view,
  11. visions

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